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Périgueux - Castle

Medieval mansion, in the heart of the Perigord a historic residence whose inhabitants have marked their centuries, a unique place, surroundings, flawless beauty, one of the few mansions to have retained all his soul in the crossing of the time. Authentic architectural element, fireplaces, window mullions, stained glass, ground stone and terracotta, French ceiling, spiral staircase in tours, Chapel lane accessible round and perfect state of conservation. Two main buildings close a paved courtyard; they are connected by a defensive wall which opens the entrance once accessing a drawbridge which spanned moat water. A hexagonal Tower of staircase provides access to the corps de logis West especially reserved for the reception rooms. The other wing, in the East on the ground floor, includes the kitchens and the outbuildings, upstairs lounge in woodwork and 5 rooms. The chapel on the ground floor opens onto a wide hallway giving access to a courtyard. 125 ha, of which nearly 30 acres of beautiful pasture, afforestation and management plan was put in place by the office of water and forests. 3 smallholdings and large dependencies, permanent guarding, a merry-go-round of horses and 15 boxes in perfect conditions, a dressage career, a significant lot of material working and maintenance. In our opinion a well very rare, 15th century ISMH

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Périgueux 24000
: 8611 sq ft
: 8
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